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Home Remedies to control menstrual pain

Home Remedies to control menstrual pain: Periods can be the most emotionally and physically exhausting time of the month. With the pain, cramping and discomfort, all you want to do is to lie down, relaxed and let pain to just vanish. There are number of painkillers which can help you out to get rid of this menstrual pain. If you don’t want to rely on these painkillers to get rid of this pain then there are some natural ways that can work amazingly.

Why woman feels hurt so much during periods?

Cramps during Menstruation cause due to shedding of inner lining of uterine wall. This shedding is generally assisted by host of the hormones, a master being ‘prostaglandins’. When there is pain there will occur prostaglandins. These hormones prominent during delivery. These are responsible for pushing lining of uterus out. Apart from this hormonal action, poor uterus is the devoid of blood, therefore the reason is the muscle spasms. In these such cases this kind of condition is called Dysmenorrhea

Wear a comfortable dress:
 Avoid tight clothes especially on the waist. This only will hurt stomach and will further compress it will cause discomfort. Then leave the belly alone!

Here are some Home Remedies to control menstrual pain :

Remedy #1: Wild Yam (Ratalu) is a great pain reliever, it is an antispasmodic and this quality helps to make pain to the bearable level.

Remedy #2: Jasmine and Raspberry leaf flavored green tea works as wonder to calm down the body and mind.

Remedy #3:
 A glass of milk should be included in your breakfast. Calcium is a good cure for cramp. If you donot like to have milk in your breakfast, take lactose intolerant about 600mg of calcium chewables (2-4 tablets).


Remedy #4
: Papaya is a generous helpful during and before you menstrual periods. Papaya contains papain that helps to regulate and ease to the flow during the menstruation.


Remedy #5:
 Carrots not only are good for eyes, but they also help in regulating the menstruation. A big glass of carrot juice works on a long way to make you feel much much better.



Remedy #6
: Honey with Aloe Vera juice is best known to ease to the flow and reducing pain.



 Avoid caffeine and red meat during menstruation days. These products have proteins which exacerbate pain.


Remedy #8: Always have a hot shower. Just concentrate on flow of water on your abdomen and back. Hot water bag will help to relieve from discomfort.


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