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Interesting Facts where Dreams will leave Goosebumps

Who, Why, When, How – here are some reasons which are behind everything which is exactly worth sharing. Sometimes dreams just leave numb you for a day and sometimes you don’t have any idea which you dreamt about. You actually love to live a beautiful life in dream which you never be able to get in reality. Now wonder how a life would be without dreams? There is no point. Because it is a fact that you can’t live a life without dreams.

1. Dream tenure


   An individual spends 6 years of his/her life for dreaming.

2. Memory limit


    A time limit is there that how much you can store your dream in your memory. Within only 5     minutes when you get up from your sleep, a person’s dream got forgotten and in just only       10 minutes, 90% of dream gone in the wind.

3. Eyes don’t matter


    Even people who are blind, they can also dream. People who get blind after birth, they can      see images in their dreams and those people who born blind, they dream as vividly,                instead of seeing images. Blind people have very strong other senses like touch, sound,          smell.

4. Dream Master


   A good part about a person that he/she can control their dreams. You can even manipulate     according to you, even you can turn and twist from the beginning and till the ending of your     dreams. This phase is called “Lucid dreaming”.

5. Entry level

    Toddlers start dreaming after they age 3-4 years old.

6. Dreams are for everyone


   There is not even a single person who doesn’t take dreams, except the people who are           psychologically disorder.

7. Familiarity

   Might be you not remember person in your dreams. So a person only dreams of those             people who encounter in life but it is not possible to just keep track of thousands of the             faces which you pass across each day.

8. Colour no bar


   Everyone do not dream in colourful way and not even everyone dream in black and white       way. If an individual grow up while watching black and white television, he/she will more           likely dream in a black and white way. In a survey, it has been observed that 12% of people     who are sighted only dream in black and white and rest people dream exclusively in a             colourful way. But this number has fallen down. Now today, as per statistics only 4.4%              people who are under 25 years old age group dream in black and white.


9. Symbol


  Sometimes you have strangest dream like scary, full of worries and rest absolutely angelic.      Now remember, all these are symbols for something, So there is nothing like strange about      these dreams as these dreams only talk in a symbolic language like poems.

10. Universal


     This is not that you only dream, animals like leopard also dream just like us, leopard goes       in his dream world after having lunch.  Very best example is a dog, he even often twitch           paws even when dogs run in their dreams.

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