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Different Ways to improve Bone Health after 50

Excesses of youth like starving yourself skinny, drinking and smoking there are Ways to improve Bone Health,  now are showing up as the bone loss and osteoporosis in the women. Around 8 million women in US have osteoporosis and around 30 million are more who may get disease, which may cause bones to break as harmless as sneeze, this statement was given by National Osteoporosis Foundation. Even if you have abused your body in past you have time to ensure that your bone health with get simple changes like having enough veggies, fresh fruits and more and more Vitamin D. There are diffrent Ways to improve Bone Health.

Here are some points will tell you ways to improve Bone Health

  1. know that where you stand up:

    You are not sure that when and where you fall on bone strength scale. Heading towards, doctor’s office for couple of helpful tests. FRAX (Fracture Risk Assessment Tool) is a software program. This tool is developed by WHO (World Health Organization), this tool helps as a  physician who calculates your osteoporosis risk over next 10 years by assessing the lifestyle, genetic history, risk factor, health using an online tool. Predictions given by this tool have given “reasonable accurate” for women, but it is less for men, as per according to 2010 by Osteoporosis and Bone Biology Program at Garven Institute of Medical Research, Australia.


  2. During  simple noninvasive test, patient lies on her back on padded cushion as a screening device which beams low dose X-Rays into the hips and the spine to measure bone mineral density.


  3. Then Patient gets “T Score” which compares bone density with women in 30s, when the bone gets strength peak.


  4. T Score of +1.0 to -1 just indicates normal bone mineral density


  5. -1 to -2.5 scores indicate osteopenia, it is that condition when bones are less dense than the normal.


Dr. Cosman says that DEXA is a painless, cheap, easy and fast situation. Dr. Cosman also said that the radiation risk is inconsequential. At 0.5 millirem, there is a measurement which is used to calculate radiation, it is less than a chest X-Ray, that is 20 mrem, this statement is given by Office of Radiation Protection, Washington State Department of Health.

2. Bone up with calcium


Women bones store up to the 99% of the calcium of your body which needs for every function, that includes nerve and muscle function, blood clotting. A women can lose up to 20% of bone density during 5-7  years following the menopause due to the decrease in estrogen.


 It is not clear that how hormones strengthens the bones.In 2007, University of Buffalo found that this may maintain density of bones by preventing an enzyme which is called caspase 33 from triggering death of osteoblasts, these are those cells which help to grow up new bones and teeth.

This is the reason that why women over 50 should get intake of about 1,200 milligrams of calcium on daily basis, these stats were revealed by Institute of Medicine in 2010.

Best source for minerals are fat free dairy products and low fat products like yogurt, cheese, ice cream, milk but only calcium supplements can fill up the nutritional gap, said by Katherine Brooking, M.S, R.D, New York based dietitian. Dr. Cosman also added that Don’t over do it. Intake of too much calcium, for adults 19-50  intake should be more than   2,500mg .           
                                                                                                                                                                         If you are over 51 then it may cause kidney stones and constipation, this could further interfere the body’s ability just to absorb the other essential minerals like zinc and iron, according to Office of Dietary Supplements of National Institute of Health.

3. Intake of more Vitamin D

Without Vitamin D, a women can lose 4% of her skeletal mass every year, said by Michael F. Holick, M.D, Ph.D, professor of Medicine, Boston University, who discovered that Calcitriol (Vitamin D3), is the hormonally active form of Vitamin. He is also the author of The Vitamin D Solution. This is the reason that why increase in intake of Vitamin D is essential. This helps to maintain normal level of calcium in bones and aids in the absorption. Women can get Vitamin D from fortified dairy products and leafy greens, but major source is sunlight, which will trigger production of vitamin in your skin.


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