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property trends in Kolkata India

property trends in Kolkata: Kolkata or Calcutta  is the capital of West Bengal.  It is located on the bank of Hooghly river. It is known for its ports and having one of the oldest port that is Port of Kolkata. It is the major and growing metropolitan city in India. For North-East and East India it is the major and most important educational and financial center. It is having major military port and commercial ports. In eastern cities this is the one city with international airport. Kolkata is having the famous Calcutta Stock Exchange that is giving boost to its economy. In this city, there are many companies that take part in its development. These companies are CIL, ITCL, Britannia, etc. And, other industrial units like steel, mining, cement, pharmaceutical, agricultural, jute and textiles.

Here are some ways to tell you about property trends in kolkata:


                With this development Kolkata’s communication and transportation had improved a lot. It is the best metro city in India as well as in the whole world. This is the most important reason for real estate developers to think broader and built towers and buildings even in the outskirts of the city.


    With this current development Kolkata residents are even paying much higher price for homes and investing in land that are beyond the boundaries of the city. There is very good opportunity to invest in these areas because area like Chandpur, BT Road, Howrah, etc. are low cost areas.


   The demand for property will never end in this metro city, but is growing surprisingly. That is , if location , design and facilities are better,  then any project can do wonder in Kolkata.

     Developers  from other metro cities are reaching this city with wonderful offers in hand like free ACs and Modular kitchens with flats for some buyers. And, even some are giving cars to the buyers.      

       so, this is the best place to live and invest in property because it is the hub of art and literature. And , Kolkata is planning more and more property deals. As compare to other cities this is the best city to invest in property.

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