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Home remedies to reduce belly fat without exercise

Home remedies to reduce belly fat: Nerdy teens, mothers, homemakers and working women have recurring dream of getting perfect curve at right place and a flat shaped belly. Sometimes  exercise seems like a dream, at tight schedules. There is no doubt that a good exercise and a balanced diet routine will give flat abs, don’t worry if exercise is not kind of your thing. There are some home remedies which help to reduce belly fat without exercise. Take a look:   


     Here are some Home remedies to reduce belly fat: 

  1. Get Right Posture : A right posture is first step to a flat belly. Slouching and slumping accenture your stomach, as you sit overtime with slouch continually, you will notice little paunch. Standing straight immediately reduce few pounds, making abs look flatter in an instant. To stand properly, imagine rope pulling upper body towards ceiling, and this makes shoulders to rise. To improve posture while sitting, make sure that your feet get touched floor all time. You can place pillow at small of your back to make sure that you get your chair pulled forward.

2. Hydrate Yourself : Drink at least eight big glasses a day of water, this not only hydrates you and helps to remove toxins, also this helps to shed some of your pounds, especially in midsection of body. Drinking good quality of fluids helps to keep premenstrual bloating. It is important to get intake of water before your meal. Don’t  drink water immediately after dinner or lunch. Wait for atleast 10-15 minutes and drink water. It is better to avoid alcohol if you aiming for flat belly. Alcohol mess up system and cause bloating. Also, drink too much water which cause bloating

3. Cleanse Your System : Your body need to follow routine to use bathroom everyday. It is very easy to give in rush and avoid doing big job. Over time, brain will start to ignore and avoid body’s signals. With time, you will start to feel constipated and bloat. You can set morning routine by taking a big glass of warm water when you wake up every morning. You will notice buildup of pressure instantly.

 4. Eat Right : Intake of right things include a lot of things. Firstly, you need to cut down on instant and processed food. High content of salt and preservatives in them induce instant bloating.

Secondly, include vegetables and fruits which are rich in fiber and have high water content. Water help to reduce bloating, and fibre induce proper digestion which in turn, shed some of the pounds off from the tummy.

Third, eat frequent and small meals. Use smaller bowls and plates to make small portion and big in size.

 5. Load up on Probiotics : Probiotics are just amazing. They support digestive system and makes sure that food is properly broken down, and gastrointestinal problems are at a bay. Best way to include probiotics in your diet is to consume buttermilk and yogurt. Of Course, you can take supplements. It is always good to stay on natural products.

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