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Health benefits of drinking warm water in winters

Benefits of Drinking Warm Water :  Mostly we start our morning with a hot fresh cup of tea or coffee to stay warm to our body after getting out of the bed. Whenever we drink water, we generally prefer cold water but as per Ayurvedic Medicine, we do it wrong. Drinking regularly of very warm water especially in morning, helps to heal our body, which help in reducing metabolic waste and provide digestive power this just help to built up our immune system.

As per statement by Stella Metsovas, physicians generally recommend to drink warm water in morning with polyphenol rich lemon immersion to decrease radical activity in body. Stella is a Media Health Expert in Food and Nutrition Science and Clinical Nutritionist. Due to more consumption of warm water it helps in increasing the intestine which optimized the elimination. Unlike the hot water, a processed cold water help to devoid many essentials of minerals which could become unfavourable to digestive tract while consuming meal. For cold drinkers, Metsovas recommend to refraining from drinking before eating of 20 minutes.

While drinking the warm water, may not even suit to your taste, but it may be beneficial to put tea and caffeine aside for the sake of your health. 

Here are some benefits of drinking warm water:

1. Help to Clean Digestive System

A hot cup of water in morning help to clean up your body by flushing toxins. Other liquids and water help to break down food in stomach and keep digestive system on the track. Warm water even help to break down food faster and make them easy for you to digest. Intake of cold water after or during meal harden the oil in the consumed food and as a result it create fat deposit in our intestine. Addition of ice to the process cold water strip it of the natural minerals. But luckily you can easily replace a glass of cold water with a glass of warm water to aid the digestion especially after meal.

2. Help to aid constipation

At a stage, many of us plagued by a common stomach problem where we have a little to no to bowel movement. Strain felt during elimination caused by bloating, brought on by lack of water in our body. Drinking warm water in morning in an empty stomach help to improve bowel movements and help to aid constipation while the breaking down of food as such food passes through the intestine.

3. Helps to alleviate pain

Warm water is considered to be a nature’s most powerful home remedy, and this can help to alleviate pain from headaches and menstruation. Heat from warm water is known for a soothing and calming effect on abdominal muscles, which help to provide an instant relief from muscle spasms and cramps. According to the Healthline, warm water is better for cramps nd hot liquids help to increase the blood flow to skin and help to get relaxation from cramped muscles.

4. Help to shed of excess of pounds

If you are dieting, there are chances that you have heard that a glass of warm water is the very first step you need to do in the early morning, this step will help out to decrease weight. Warm water increases temperature in body, which helps to increase a metabolic rate. An increase in the metabolic rate allow the body to burn up more and more calories throughout the rate. This can help the gastrointestinal tract and helps to kidneys to function better.

As per Metsovas to Medical Daily, physicians recommend to drink warm water in morning with a polyphenol rich lemon to decrease radical activity in body. Drinking glass of warm water with lemon help to break the adipose tissue and body fat in your body and also help to control the food craving due to the lemon’s pectin fibre.

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