You are currently viewing Protein shakes for Women can benefit in weight gain

Protein shakes for Women can benefit in weight gain

Protein shakes for Women: As medical research has already shown, women having extremely low scores below 18.5 BMI are at increasing risks of Osteoporosis, irregular menstrual cycle, baby delivery issues and myriad other medical problems.


Here are some tips of  Protein  shakes  for Women :

Also, dieticians and medical practitioners would recommend gaining weight, by adopting heavy diet, rich in proteins, carbohydrates and good fats.(I said that again, good fats, check out mono-unsaturated fats.)

Now, gaining weight via protein mass build up is much better and more healthier option that mass gain by fat. It is advisable to NEVER munch fast food, and go on a orgy of heavy diet, high fat foods, as they will create another set of medical problems related to obesity and concomitant heart problems.

How does one increase mass via protein diet, safely and without problems?

It is via “Aerobic” exercises. Now, it is true that this is done for weight loss, but please read me, it is not to decrease weight.

It is meant to increase protein mass. When you exercise, and work out your muscles, they undergo microscopic tear as they are stretched beyond their physical limits. When this happens, your body needs sufficient proteins and diet to repair these tears in your muscles. With every tear that happens, the density of muscle tissue increases when it is repaired

This is the reason for gaining muscle mass via Aerobic exercise.  

Here Protein shakes for Women, can play a pivotal role in improving muscle mass of your body. 

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