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Amazing Tips to Get long Hair

Our hair is like a crown of our looks, both figuratively and literally. For every girl, healthy tresses, gorgeous and long hair are girl’s dream, but dull and lifeless hair end up with nothing. Our modern lifestyle and hectic schedule includes everyday pollution and stress, which makes very difficult task to get long hair. Maintaining lustrous and long hair is not a single one day task. Here are some amazing tips to get long and beautiful hair:


Tip1:Get To Know Your Hair
It is an extremely crucial part for to understand for you about cycle of your hair. There are total 3 stages for your hair cycle : Telogen, Catagen and Anagen.

Anagen – When new strand is formed in follicle.

Catagen – When lower two third of your hair is destroyed.

Telogen – When our hair get entered into resting phase waiting to get pushed out by fresh strand growing in follicle.



Last phase i.e Telogen is that phase where hair start get falling down. About 10% – 15% hair is in last phase. But there are various factors, where sometimes a major trend jumps to Telogen phase. This is the phase here we face hair thinning and hair loss problems

Tip 2: Get To The Root

Taking professional help will help you identify your exact problem and control it at the earliest. If you face a lot of hair fall and hair thinning problem, just consult a specialist immediately. Let doctor get the root out and solve the hair fall problem. There could be various reasons behind this problem.

Tip 3: Apply Oil To Your Hair At Least Twice A Week

Best and proper nutrition is an essential for growth of your hair. Oiling roots provides strength and nutrition to help our hair to get strong and long. This helps to rejuvenate dead hair shafts.

Apply luke warm oil on scalp, massage gently using your fingertips. Apply oil to strands of hair and let them soak in oil properly. There is an another option also that you may wrap a hot towel around your head for 10 minutes to help in better absorption of oil in hair. Wash off your hair after one to two hours using shampoo. You will find amazing results after your first usage. Oil extracted from herbs give shine and make hair strength and stimulate the blood circulation. This will help to grow hair thicker.

Ingredients – Ingredients of herbal oil :

Fenugreek seeds, Coconut oil and various other herbs.

This oil will allow to get oxygen in the hair follicles and stimulates blood circulations. Coconut oil do a very good job of an amazing conditioner.

Tip 4: Give A Head Massage Regularly

Massaging is one of the soothing and simplest hair care tips. This will improve blood circulation and good flow of blood to the entire body. Coconut oil is good for massage of your scalp. Lavender oil also helps to promote hair growth.

We cannot deny importance of good oil head massage, which is one of the best known as a home remedy for your long hair. A healthy and Champi is best thing for hair growth.

Tip 5: Skip Daily Shampoo

Twice or thrice shampooing a week allow natural oils to get penetrated in your hair, hydrate it and repair itself. Purpose of shampoo is to wash dirt and make hair clean. But when you apply it daily, this will make your hair breakage, brittle,frizzy and dry.  Shampoos carry sulfates and if you use sulfates in excess, it will damage your hair.

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