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Ludhiana real estate: Ludhiana is a metropolitan city in Punjab state of India. The name Ludhiana formed from Lodi dynasty which ruled the India from Delhi to Punjab and the name original name of the city was Lodi Ana. Ludhiana is the biggest city in the North India and an Industrial hub in Punjab. Population of this crowded and energetic city is near about 3 million. This flourishing city also enclosed a beautiful bouquet of cultural heritage. Several cultural fairs and events have been organized which represent the vibrant life of Ludhiana.

With a prestigious status of Manchester of India; Ludhiana is also becoming very famous for its tourist places. There are several historic Gurudwaras and temples which make this bustling city as a centre of pilgrimage. The most captivating and momentous place of Ludhiana is its 500 years old Lodhi Fort which is built by Sikander Lodhi and is situated near the Sutlej River. Another unforgettable place is The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum which forms a cynosure for tourists. The metropolis  city has another great icon Victoria Memorial Clock Tower, famous as Ghanta Ghar, which is 100 years old. 

Here are some points to tell you about Ludhiana real estate: 

Ludhiana has a great historical values and this legendary place has given us several prominent freedom fighters including Lala Lajpat Rai, Sardar Kartar Singh Saraba. It is also famous for politics as it gave five chief ministers, namely Bhim Sen Snahan, Justice Gurnam Singh, Gian Singh Rarewala, Lachaman Singh Gill and Beant Singh. Ludhiana is not only rich in its cultural but also in art with its famous artists like Mr. Daljit Singh Jassal who has established his art gallery named as Jassal Art Gallary and a famous young singer Ishmeet Singh.

Being an Industrial hub in Punjab, Ludhiana is the biggest manufactures of hosiery goods which are in great demand in eastern and western markets. The worlds’ largest supplier of bicycles produces around 3 million bicycles on annual basis.

Its agricultural land supports the grain market with the tremendous production. Every year Kisan Mela is organized in the world famous Punjab Agricultural University.

Visit Ludhiana and see the charm of its urban yet traditional life. Witness the blooming smiles of unique communities and experience their spirited hospitality. Enjoy the best and delicious food in the Punjabi Dhabas and also have an opportunity to come across the grandiose culture of Ludhiana by vising art exhibitions, Forts and cultural Melas. Although the city is growing rapidly and lifestyle has been changed but still this city is connected with its traditional roots.

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