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Amazing tips to get beautiful eyelashes

Care of Eyelashes is equally important as care of Hair:

We always do care of our hair, so why don’t we care for our eye lashes? As a routine care of hair makes hair healthier, taking care of lashes will show the positive results over course of time. It is very easy and you even don’t need to work as much as you do for your hair. So whenever, you try to embark on lash care, it is important to remember which results not be visible till next cycle of eyelashes. Now you have to wait for at least two months before you see any of the difference in your eye lashes.


1. Remove Makeup from Eyes at end of the day:
Clogs of makeup on skin around eyes is very thin and mascara is heavy for lashes on lashes. And removing this at night gives rest to your lashes. This same rule applies to your eyelashes as skin is equally delicate

2. Olive Oil:
 Apply this olive oil to your lashes. It will help to grow stronger and longer. It is one of the best of best home remedy to get long and beautiful eyelashes.

3. Mixture of Castor and Olive Oil:

Mix castor and olive oil together. Apply resultant oil on your eyelashes. It will promote growth of your eye lashes.

4. Petroleum Jelly:

If you will apply pure petroleum jelly to your eye lashes regularly at night it will help eyelashes to grow faster and make lashes thicker and stronger.

5. Green Tea:

Add some green tea leaves to warm water and apply after this to your eye lashes. It promotes to grow healthy eye lashes growth and helps to grow longer, stronger and thicker.

6. Lemon peels soaked in castor and olive oil:
Soak some lemon peels for few days in castor or olive oil and apply this to growth your eyelashes healthy and strong.

7. Trim your eyelashes properly:

It  is really helpful. You can trim your eyelashes once in every two to three months. Just trim small part (1/4th). Trim up your eyelashes and will stimulate follicle of your eyelashes and make them grow faster.

8. Diet:

Along the home remedies for the long lashes, you must have a very balanced diet. Few food which are very good to boost health of your eyelashes and eyes are:

  • Fish

  • Meat

  • Eggs

  • Green vegetables

  • Most fruits

  • Guavas

  • Apples

  • Other sources of proteins

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