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How to treat Swelling

How to treat Swelling: Swelling occurs due to injury, other medical conditions and pregnancy. Swelling and left untreated becomes painful and frustrating. Elevating swollen area, apply something cool to are and drink lots of fluids to reduce swelling. Here are some home treatments which help to reduce swelling:                                                                                                                                                                          

Here are some ways How to treat Swelling due to Injury 

Rest the swollen area :
 When your body is swollen from poor circulation or an injury, it is super idea to allow swollen area to rest. If you are having swell ankle or foot, then try not to use this in strenuous way for few days, until swelling goes down.


– If you are having an injured foot,then use cane or crutches to take pressure off swollen area.


– If swelling is on arm happened due to an injury, use other arm to perform tasks.

Elevate swollen body part : Any time if you are lying down or sitting, prop up swollen area in pillow, above level of your heart. This helps to prevent blood to get collect in swollen area and aids in the circulation.


– Use sling to keep arm from getting elevated.

– If  swelling is too severe, make a point for elevating swollen body part for some hours.



Apply some cold compact : High temperature makes swelling worse, so do a favor by applying cold compact on swelled area. Avoid to apply ice directly on skin, but wrap ice pack using towel and apply on swollen area. Do this process for 15 minutes at a time for several times a day.



Medication is necessary : NSAIDs i.e Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs  are the medications which help in decreasing swelling and pain. Most common variants are the common brands like Advil and Aleve are the medications which help in getting relief. Note Tylenol is not NSAID and will not help in reducing swelling. Consult your doctor that what is best medication for this situation.



Do low impact exercise : As you want to rest swollen area, refraining from the movements for extended periods help to reduce circulations and will make swelling worse. Get up early and walk around during regular work day, and remember to include low impact exercise in your routine. These low impact exercises include talking walks, swimming and yoga.




– If you sit at desk throughout all the day, try to mix it up by using standing desk. Make a point to get up walking around office every hour.

– When you are sitting and continue to change positions and keep your feet elevated whenever possible.


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