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Home Remedy Tips For Moisturizing Skin

Dry skin make you look old and dirty, It’s an obvious that our dry skin needs hydration to look and stay healthy. But few people know that even with combination, normal and oily skin needs to moisturize skin.


It does not matter about the season, in fact it is very essential to moisturize you skin to look fresh and beautiful. Everyday you can make your skin beautiful, glowing and deep hydrated by using a moisturizer. This dryness leads further to dry patches, itching and other skin problems. If you wanna to stay away from skin problems you need to use moisturizer on daily basis.

There are number of moisturizers available on retails shops and online stores, but you can make these moisturizers at home also. Homemade moisturizers carry fresh nutrients and give amazing results.

How to Prepare Home Made Moisturizer:

1. Homemade Butter:
The process to prepare homemade butter is very simple.When curd or butter milk is churned properly, a good amount of butter will appear on the top and it can be easily removed and can be kept aside. This homemade butter has lots of moisturizer which helps the skin to get smoothen. Fresh butter will give perfect glow to skin and will keep skin tan free.

2. Butter Milk:
Butter milk also have lots of nutrients which are perfect for externally application. Butter milk can be easily absorbed into skin and make skin soft and smooth. Also butter milk helps to keep skin away from wrinkles.

3. Milk Cream:
Dull and dry skin really makes skin to look skinny. The solution is only in your fridge! Fresh home made milk cream is a wonderful way out to get a glowing skin. Home made milk cream also provides fairness and help to keep dark circles away and to get skin from tan. Regular massage with milk cream give amazing results. It is a perfect home made remedy to moisturize dry skin.

4. Sesame Oil:
Itchy and dry skin needs deep hydration and better than sesame oil is nothing to work out on this trick. Sesame oil stay on skin for longer time and gives shine and softness to skin. Regular usage of sesame oil you will not need any kind of additional moisturizer. Apply this sesame oil and leave for 5-10 minutes it will give smoothness to your skin for sure.

5. Almond Oil:
Almond oil is fully enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It works amazingly and greatly works as a moisturizer. Almond oil gives good night sleeps too.

Hair wash should be free from dust and oil. It is not good to wash hair on daily basis as reason because you can apply thin piece of material from natural oils. Hair wash should be 3 times in a week, this depends on your needs. Dry shampoo try should be during lazy days.

6. Olive Oil:
Olive oil also acts as a best home remedy to moisturize dry skin. Apply olive oil to your skin and massage for couple of minutes. Just leave it overnight and wash early next day for fresh skin.

7. Carrot Juice and Milk Cream:
Carrot is very good ingredient for eyes. But it is great for skin too. Carrots are fully enriched with vitamin A which helps to make skin glow. Now ass 2-3 tsp of milk cream in a small cup of carrot juice and mix it well. Apply gently on skin and massage. After few minutes wash it off and fry your skin with soft towel.

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