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Home Remedies to get rid of Flies

Flies are those insects which are dipteral and belong to same order. Number of flies in the world is more than 1.20 million. These keep on changing in their size when they move towards maturity. House fly is known as Musca Domestica. These are considered to be a pest which does not bite but it transmits a lot of several diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery and cholera. These also can cause a very serious eye infection.

Home flies are found in that area where there is no hygiene like fecal matter or exposed garbage. Uncovered food attracts flies. Areas with lots of vegetation and shrubbery are the ideal for growth of flies.

Home Remedies for Flies

1. Camphor
Camphor is one of the greatest deterrents for flies. Light up and spread fumes from all over you room to make the flies away instantly.

2. UV Traps
This UV trap is very effective as they attract flies quickly towards them. As fly sits on trap, it get killed by mechanism action. So lighting and UV trap are the efficacious methods to kill the flies easily at home.

3. Basil
Basil not only carry medicinal properties, but equally it is very effective against flies at this act as a very strong restrain to the flies. Due to this reason you plant basin in garden to keep the flies at the bay. Additionally, you can also plant marigold, lavender and mint.

4. Fly Swat
This is a very cheap method to keep the flies at the bay in your house. Fly swats come with a very effective electronic machine nowadays to trap the flies and to kill them automatically. This is a hassle free method of killing the flies.

5. Essential Oils
These oils have proven essentiality while treating house flies. Essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender, not possess only gentle aroma but this also works in keeping house flies away. Spraying oils in living area, kitchen or bedroom keep them free and safe from flies.

6. Screening
Using screening, you can stop flies to enter in your house. Screening gives adequate lighting to your home and this keeps flies away.

7. Green Apple Soap
Studies show that green apples attract flies. You can fill a jar with 2 spoons and few inches with water. Flies get fascinated towards fruity aroma of green apples and suddenly gets drowned in jar. By this way you can easily catch house flies.

8. Switch ‘ON’ the Fan
This is one of the easiest and hassles free way to get rid away flies. You don’t have to do anything extra in keeping flies away from your house. Switch on ceiling table fan or fan into your room and this makes flies away

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