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Home remedies to treat skin problems during Monsoon

Skin infections like bacterial and fungal infections are very common in rainy season. Toes develop infection by getting in contact with dirty water. Allergies and irritation from an another type of problems during rainy season.


Skin tips for different Skin types

Dry Skin type
Dryness of skin happens due to lack of vitamins which help in repairing damages and dry skin. Condition of dry skin becomes worse in rainy.

  • Person whose skin is dry must drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated and to wash off toxins from body. Skin must be moisturized and clean. Should not use alcohol based toners.

A solution of honey, fresh curd and jojoba oil should be prepared and should be applied as a pack and wash skin after 10 minutes with a face wash which is very beneficial for dry skin.

A paste of honey and almonds should be applied and washed of after 5 minutes with warm water and this keeps skin dry and supple.

Oily skin type
Genetically hormonal changes are main cause of oily skin which is not possible to change. Excess oil should be removed by washing face 2-3 times a day.

  • You can use facial scrub to unclog pores and to exfoliate skin with natural products by getting rid of the dead cells.

Make a pack of lemon, honey, milk and besan which helps to give oil free and glowing skin look.

Hot water hair wash is much more beneficial than cold water as hot water help to dissolve oil from skin easily.

A mixture of rose water and any oil should be applied as moisturizer and should be washed off after 10 minutes using cold water, this leaves skin oil free and healthy.

A pack of oatmeal scrub and papaya pulp should be applied and should be washed off after 10 minutes using cold water which leaves oily skin glowing and fresh.

Tips to protect your skin in rainy season

  • Skin should be cleaned everyday using soap free cleanser and dead cells will be removed by gently rubbing skin.

  • Water intake must be increased during rainy season to keep skin hydrated. Skin is always thirstier than person himself.

  • Toner must be used after every wash of face in order to close pores and restore pH balance of skin.

  • Dirty rain water leads to toe infection of nails and toes. Diabetic patients must take care to keep feet clean and dry. Walking in the puddles of water should be avoided and raincoats, socks and shoes should be dry and clean.
  • Rainy season makes skin dehydrated, hence skin must be moisturized regularly to keep healthy.

  • Once must be careful in cleaning skin without losing natural moisture of skin. Cleaning agent must be mild but should be strong to remove dust and dirt from skin. Natural home remedies are perfect during rainy season.

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