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Home Remedies to get rid of lizards from home

 Home remedies to get rid of lizards: Lizards are unsolicited guests which are capable of creating hassle in your house. Lizards feed on spiders, pests and mosquitoes and keep environment clean, but their presence is unsettling. This very small creature does not cause any harm, but this glance might make sprint in the sheer fright. Lizards move too much fast and their size vary from 3 to 6 inches or may be bigger than this. If you see any lizard crawling on wall, then don’t get anxious. Before you apply any of the home remedies to get rid of lizards, then clean out piles of messy kitchen, laundry, magazines, newspaper and throw out garbage as earliest as possible. So here are some home remedies which help to drive out lizars from home.


Home remedies to get rid of lizard:



  1. Egg Shell : Lizards leave the place because odor of eggs make lizards assume that there is an another organism present in premises. Keep egg shells around corners of windows, doors and house

2. Coffee Powder : It is very effective method to get away lizards. Combine coffee powder and tobacco and make balls of them. Keep these balls on every corner of house and place where lizards het hide the most. After having these balls, lizards will either move or die from your house.

3. Garlic : Lizards can’t stand with smell of garlic. This remedy sound weird to you, but hanging garlic cloves around house will keep lizards away. You can also place garlic cloves in corner and entrance of house or you can spray garlic juice in lizard prone areas.

 4. Pepper Spray : Pepper spray irritates lizards. This remedy makes them to run away. Make a solution by mixing water and crushed black pepper. Spray this solution in all around the house, tube light, fridge, under stove, in kitchen rack corners.

 5. Onion : Onion contains sulphur compound which is responsible for a bad odour. Lizards cannot tolerate pungent smell of onion. Hand some onions around doors, windows and all entrances of your house. Or keep some onions in areas which encroach by lizards. You can also spray solution made of water and onion juice to repel lizards.

 6. Naphthalene Balls :These balls keep lizards away from home. Place these balls in entrance of dwelling, water sinks, under stove, wardrobes and corners. It is most best home remedy for lizards. You can also use moth balls in place of the naphthalene balls.

7. Flypaper : Flypaper not only help to trap files but this is helpful to trap lizards also. Paste this flypaper on wall. Lizards will stick to this and you can throw them away from your home.

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