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Home Remedies to cure Cancer

Home Remedies to cure Cancer: Home remedies for cancer include consumption of wheat grass, soybeans, maitake mushroom,lycopene,aloe vera,green tea,myrrh,ginseng,grapes, and broccoli. Cancer is that disease which is characterized by presence of continuously dividing of cells. An initial localized at point is called tumor, these cells later on get distributed throughout the body through blood system and eventually lead to the results in death.


Cancer get caused by number of internal and external stimul. Different kind of cancer shows its symptoms in the different ways. There are certain home remedies that exist aim in preventing from cancer, while there are several other ways to focus on the stimulating activities of the immune system. Different kind of food products which are very beneficial if they are taken by patients who undergoing the treatment of radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Different Types Of Cancer

Cancer can be easily manifested in variety of the different types that are based on the origin of the cell growth. There are some most widely types of cancer which occur:

CNS Cancer: Our Spinal Cord and brain are the central nervous system of cancer.

Sarcoma: Blood Vessels and Cartilage are the supportive tissues of cancer.

Carcinoma: It is outer covering forming tissues.

Lymphoma: Cancer of the immune system cells.

Leukemia: Cancer of blood forming cells.

Here are some Home  Remedies to cure  Cancer: 


Broccoli: Broccoli is to be found a very beneficial in treating different kind of colorectal cancer. Broccoli can be taken in form of the sprouts. It contains certain phytochemicals which have a great ability to fight against cancer cells, the exact compound has not been yet identified. Broccoli will act as an antioxidant and contain enzymes which help in aid in detoxification of body.


Grapes:  Grapes contain a great compound which is called proanthocyanidins which reduce body’s estrogen production. This will lead to effective treatment of breast cancer, colon, prostate and lungs.

 Ginseng help in building the resistance and fight with infectious agents which seek to the damage the body.

 Myrrh is a that herb with a very wide range of properties which includes anti inflammatory antifungal  and antibacterial qualities. This is a good home remedy for treatment of all kinds of cancer.


Green Tea: Prepare a herbal green tea by the boiling process of some herbals in a glass of water until volume get reduces by the half. It has anti inflammatory properties as well as it is very much effective against skin cancer,  pancreatic, liver, prostate and breast.


Wheat Grass: Wheatgrass is an advantageous to different kind of cancers. Wheatgrass Is taken in form of juice to retard growth of cancer cells as they are demonstrated by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. WheatGrass has ability to enhance our immune system and to get rid of waste products and toxins.



Soybeans: As per MD Anderson Cancer Center, soybeans carry phytoestrogens and other several entities which block cancerous cells using estrogen. This contains isoflavones which are needed for prevention of cancer in the early stages. This can be either cooked or sprouted vegetable and demonstrate the positive prevention against lung cancer, colon, prostate and breast.



Low-carb diet: Low carb diet is also a perfect home remedy for cancer. Research study revealed that due to intake of low carb diet can help in reducing risk of colon cancer. Researchers suggest that low calories diet help in slow down the spread of the breast cancer. New study also suggested that a rich diet with dairy products may help in extending life of people who are diagnosed with colon cancer.



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