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Home Remedies to control diabetes

Home Remedies to control diabetes : Diabetes is a one of the fastest growing lifestyle disorder which can be managed by eating healthy diet. Characterized by high sugar level in body, this condition affects body’s ability to produce insulin or to use the insulin effectively. There are number of treatments which are available to keep blood sugar level in control, home remedies work wonders in getting blood sugar to normal level. Here are some effective home remedies which help to maintain blood sugar level normal and help in leading a healthy and normal life with diabetes.


Here are some Home Remedies to control diabetes: 

Tulsi Leaves

Leaves of holy basil (Tulsi) are packed up with the antioxidants and essential oils which produce caryophyllene, methyl eugenol and eugenol. All these compounds collectively help pancreatic beta cells to function in proper way and help to increase sensitivity to insulin. There is an added advantage that antioxidants present in leaves help to beat ill effects of oxidative stress.

Tips: Take 2 or 3 tulsi leaves or about 1 tablespoon full of tulsi juice on an empty stomach to lower level of blood sugar.


Alsi (Flax Seeds)

High fibre flaxseeds help in digestion and in proper absorption of sugar and fat. Consuming Alsi help to reduce diabetic postprandial level of sugar by around 28%.

Tips: Take 1 tablespoon of grounded flaxseeds every morning on an empty stomach with glass of warm water. It is suggested that no to consume flaxseed more than 2 tablespoons a day, as it can detrimental to your health.


Bilberry Plant Leaves

Leaves of bilberry plants have been in used in Ayurveda for last many centuries to control diabetes. The Journal of Nutrition stated that Bilberry leaves contain high amount of anthocyanidin, which helps to enhance action of proteins involve in glucose transportation and fat metabolism. Bilberry leaves amazingly help to control sugar level.

Tips: Crush some bilberry leaves in mortar and pestle and consume around 100 milligram of bilberry leaves powder everyday on an empty stomach.



Dalchini helps to improve insulin sensitivity and helps to lower down blood glucose level. Having ½ teaspoon of dalchini per day helps to get down the blood sugar level. Dalchini also helps to decrease one’s  risk for heart diseases.

Tips: Including around 1 gram of Dalchini in your daily food routine for a month helps to lower down blood sugar level.


Green Tea

Unlike the other tea leaves, Green tea is high in polyphenol content. Polyphenol is very much strong hypo-glycaemic and antioxidant compound which helps to control blood sugar and helps body to use insulin better.

Tips: Take a bag of green tea  and steep in some hot water for 2-3 minutes. Remove tea bag and drink cup of this tea in morning or before your meals.


Drumstick Leaves

Drumstick is also known as moringa, these leaves are best known for their ability to boost up energy level. In case of diabetes, moringa leaves increase satiety and breakdown of food and lower don of blood pressure.

Tips: Take some drumstick leaves, wash them and crush them to extract juice. Now take around ¼ th cup of this extracted juice and drink on an empty stomach, continue this process in every morning to keep sugar level under control.



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