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Homemade remedies for treatment of Cage Birds

 treatment of Cage Birds: In an ancient times, healers didn’t used to take money for healing because all healing knowledge came from meditation. Taking the money for healing took negative karma. Here are some homemade remedies to treat the healings for lovebirds or all types of cage birds.

Here are some tips for treatment of Cage Birds:


Lice, Mite and Red Mites infection in Birds : If bird is scratching itself too much, then follow this treatment it will be great helpful. You will see bald areas on bird. Take some neem leaves and boil in water. Drain the water using sieve. Then let it cool down at normal room temperature. Give birds a bath with this water by placing then very comfortably in your hand. Don’t dip ears and head in Neem water. Best bath is to give spray of Neem water with plastic hair sprayer. Keep glass bowl aside using drop of Neem oil, drop of tea tree oil. Apply oil on birds legs with very clean earbud. Dust legs using wheat flour using ear bugs. It will avoid leg from being slippery. Aloe vera gel is also best lotio to sooth bird bald area.

Apply Haldi : Apply Haldi if bird is injured. Purchase a piece of Haldi and grind properly. Do not use Turmeric powder from market. Haldi acts like as a disinfectant. You can also add wheat flour to avoid bleeding.



Neem Sticks : You can use neem sticks to avoid insects and mites.

After neem bath, you can dry sick bird using blow dryer placed far from bird. Place your one of the other hand near bird and feel heat of blow dryer. If this is mild then you can blow the dryer for few minutes after Neem bath. Bird will not need any of the further assistance with will dry itself and chirp very happily.


Wild Birds treat itself with help of herbs in forest when bird is sick. Don’t deny birds to have natural treatments. Try to plant herbs near by your home and in the pots. Place fresh water and some feed for birds as part of your social duty.




Grow Wheat Grass : You can grow many of the other things like Money Plant, Cherry Tree, Neem, Holy Basil, Spinach, Thyme, Lemon Grass, Lemon, Maize Grass and Sava Grass along with Wheat Grass. Let birds feed on them. Birds will learn to get independent with this.

Use boiled and cooled water : In any case of eye infection in birds. Use some home made Gulab Jal which is very effective in dealing with eye infections.

Honey : Honey is very disinfectant which should be part of birds diet.

Aleo vera : Aleo Vera gel helps in bringing relief to the skin irritation. Plan Aleo Vera in pot in your home. Fresh leaves will give multiple usage.


Ginger : Ginger juice should be added to the drinking water for birds at night it will prevent birds to have motions when they are sick.

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