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Food products that help to keep body warm in winters

Food products that help to keep body warm in winters:  As temperature get down in winters, don’t get tempted to warm up your belly with rich cheese and macaroni and a creamy soup. Instead, get toasty feeling from superfood: Antioxidants, healthy eats loaded with nutrients and immune boosting power food that your body need to get power through cold weather. 

Here are some Food products that help to keep body warm in winters :



When winter’s come up it is perfect time to break the oatmeal. Oats are whole grain, you will get a huge amount of fiber and plant based proteins to stop up hunger with just a bowl. Add on, oat meal contains protein starch, it is called beta glucan. Nutrition Researchers found that only 3 grams in a day of beta glucan in oats can reduce a bad cholesterol level from 5-10%. You can have extra nutrition if you opt a right topping. Keri Gans,RD, a dietitian, New York City said that to get healthy fat mix some chia seeds and almond butter.

Hot chocolate

Curling up in a cup of hot cocoa is a way to feel snug, mix some sugary powdered with marshmallow bits. Cynthia Sass, MPH,RD said that when she make it, she like to melt up two squares of dark chocolate and stir properly in regular or almond milk. Addition of little dark chocolate in your diet is a good health booster. Sweet contains flavonoids, it is a type of antioxidants to reduce damage caused by the free radicals,cardiovascular disease and potential instigators of cancer . A Journalist revealed that our red blood cells are less susceptible to the free radicals after when people consume a drink with flavonoid rich cocoa.


Black bean soup

There is nothing like a soup with chilli pepper and cumin powder to heat up you when the things get cold. Nutrition star of this amazing dish, is the beans. Black beans are good source of copper and iron. Sipping of soup will help muscles more oxygen and boost up immune system. Typical serving of soup include a cup of black beans, that provide 15 grams each of fiber and protein. Unlike protein from animal, black beans contain no saturated fat.  American Chemical Society shows black skins that contain higher level of disease fighting antioxidants flavonoids than any of the other type of bean.


Brussels sprouts

Eating mini cabbage help to fight with cold. In addition to fight with cancer fighting phytonutrients. It will not prevent sniffles completely, but yes Vitamin C has shown reduce to the length of cold symptoms. Though a bitter taste of the Brussels sprouts tend to scare people away, heating them can make even a huge difference. Gans said that she will roast Brussels with Olive Oil. It will help to bring out sweetness.

Pumpkin soup

If you feel lack of Vitamin A, a nutrient critical for the promotion of vision, a dose of the pumpkin will be good, Gans says. National Institute of Health revealed that Women and Adult should consume 700 micrograms a day. In serving of soup, you should use third to half cup of pumpkin puree. But one thing should be in mind that a recipe with cream is though if you are looking to cut back of calories. Pumpkin has antioxidant properties and thankful to the beta carotene.It is pigment found in bright colored produceand it is thought that to have a cancer fighting power.

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