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Top ideas to heal cracked feet at home

Common problem in winters for all is Cracked feet. If you do not do proper take care of your feet in winters there will be undesirable cracks in your feet. It is like nightmare for some people who generally face this problem of cracked feet. Sometimes it becomes very embarrassing moment if someone looks at your cracked feet. So thus, it is very important to keep your feet proper and smooth. Here are some top ideas which are given below to heal cracked feet at home.

Dry Feet Symptoms
Dry feet  itself is a symptom for another problem, if an individual is having dry feet this may be an experience additional signs like redness, rough skin, worse in winter season, rashes, itchiness, cracks in feet, flaky skin.


Reasons of Dry Feet

If proper moisture is not in feet it will lead to heavy dryness and some other factors of dry feet which include.

  • Usage of harsh soaps
  • Soaking of foot in hot water for long time
  • Excess usage hot showers
  • Cold and Chilled weather
  • Some of the skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and etc.
  • Thyroid disease or diabetes.
  • Heavy and direct exposure to sun

Homemade Remedies for dry and cracked feet

To apply moisturizer is a good idea to cure dry feet problem. Apply a moisturizer and apply at least two times a day.


Lemon juice
Squeeze lemon and add a half bucket of water. Soak your feet in lemon water for about 10 minutes. Acidic properties present in lemon help to dissolve dead and flaky skin present in feet, it will become very easy to remove dead skin.

Olive oil
Now pour half cup of lavender oil and olive oil in a bottle and shake it very well until it gives thick solution. This mixture works like as a cracked heel cream. Apply this cream on feet when you feel like it is dry feet. Whenever you apply shake it very well.

Vegetable oil
It is very good habit to apply vegetable oil to your feet after shower. After, application of oil wears pair of thick socks. When this remedy will be applied before going to bed, this will help to reduce cracks on feet along with dryness.

Apply Vaseline over directly to your feet to keep them moisturized. Now alternatively you can apply this mixture which is formed by combining the one portion of Vaseline to the one portion of lemon juice. Before to apply this mixture, wash properly your feet and pat. Apply this mixture on feet concentrating on cracked feet which is followed by wearing pair of cotton socks. This homemade remedy will work effectively in treating dry feet by applying this before going to bed.

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