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Tips to apply LipStick

Lips should be very attractive on a woman’s face. Our lips speak up words which shows character of a woman.

Don’t play with mouth and eyes

Women who like to wear heavy toned eye makeup and dark coloured lipstick give clownish look. If you wanna to apply red lipstick, it is important to keep makeup light. It will not stand out if you are playing with your eyes, makeup on face should be light.

Method to plump up your lips

To plump up your lips, just apply liner outside natural line of your lips and then dab a gloss in middle of bottom of your smack lips together.

As a base use a liner on your lips


Lipstick will stay longer of you fill lips using a lip liner first. If you are planning to use a light lipstick, then try a nude liner. Then slick up your lipstick on the top. Lip gloss is very infamous to wear off, but if you want to fill lips first using liner then gloss has really something to sticken up.

Try to apply a long lasting lip stain

Most annoying thing about gloss and lipstick is that how this doesn’t long last. But now during these days this makes lip stains to stay last hours.

Chanel’s Rouge Double Intensite is very famous and best lip stain. You can apply this Intensite and you lipstick will stay for hours. This will come with little bit of gloss to make this appear less matte.Chanel’s lipstick are very costly, this will get longer wear lip stains from the drugstore brands.

You can line after or before you apply gloss or lipstick

Some women like to apply lip liner first, this won’t be able to see natural lip liner on your lips if you apply the lipstick first. But it is found that lips look much more natural when lip liner is applied after lipstick.

Avoid using dark liner with light color lipstick

Lips are really great, but it is important to make sure that lip liner should match gloss or lipstick. Light lips and dark colored liners are tacky.

Procedure to properly test lipstick in store

This is just plain unhygienic to take a test for lipstick at department store without wiping lipstick using a tissue. You can easily avoid testing on your lips, but as swiping stick on your fingertips. This a very closer fit for your lips than back of your hands.

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