The first part of the test will evaluate your Speaking and Writing skills ; this section is approximately of 75-95 minutes. It evaluates your English Language proficiency in an academic environment..

The speaking module of the PTE exam will test you on how well you can listen, speak and write. Thus you need to be focused with utmost attention while reading, listening, writing and speaking the answers for the questions asked.

Your speaking proficiency will be judged by 5 different categories of questions that range from repeating the sentence given to answers the questions asked to summarizing the passages you listen.
The speaking section begins with Personal Introduction, here you are expected to introduce yourself, but this part of the tests is not assessed.
Alert : You must ensure that your response is recorded before the “progress bar” reaches to the end. Please note that if you stay silent for more than three seconds of time, the recording automatically stops and you will end up losing points.