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PaidSurveys – Is it Worth It?

As it’s name may already suggest, PaidSurveys is one of numerous sites that is known to offer compensation for completing surveys or questionnaires that they need to get done for the needs of several entities which includes companies, manufactures and product retailers. Involving yourself with such an online money-making concept basically means participating in what is called “market research”. So is PaidSurveys a viable way of generating an income online? Let’s go take a look.

In terms of how it actually works, PaidSurveys basically sends a list of companies to new members after completing the signup process. The companies on this particular list are said to be in dire need for completed surveys in order to help them assess the trends and behaviour of various areas of community. The premise of being compensated either financially or with sample products just for answering a couple of surveys may seem unthinkable and exciting for many people but the truth is that it’s actually nothing new. There were no significant attempts to discredit it over the past couple of years either so we can only suspect that it does work. However, is this really the case or can it just be a mere scam?

The good thing about PaidSurveys though is the mere fact that it has been in the business for quite some time. It first started way back 1999 and this fact alone is a big reassurance for many people. Of course, the premise of answering surveys for companies such as PaidSurveys doesn’t really carry any significant risk. On top of it all, it is claimed to be completely free on a member’s part. One the initial concerns raised by any possible member at this point is if his participation entails the receipt of countless unwanted spam. To address this concern, PaidSurveys assures its members that they have a system in place to keep spam in check and that the company hates spam as much as its members do. Thus PaidSurveys would never send their members any under any circumstances. The website itself isn’t cluttered and very well organized. The opportunities within is presented in plain and concise English which earns itself a positive mark in this reviewer’s eyes.

It terms of how enticing it is the offers made by PaidSurveys is actually on par with similar opportunities of its kind. The thing here is that PaidSurveys is still considered a middleman and thus generates its income through referrals. If you’re wondering what a referral is then it’s actually what you become after signing up with PaidSurveys as a member. As soon as you begin accessing the site for the surveys, a number of businesses affiliated with PaidSurveys detect your e-mail address.

One other thing to consider with opportunities like PaidSurveys is that product samples, prizes and gift cards are often used to compensate a member in lieu of cold cash. If you’re expecting hard cash as compensation for your efforts, then this might not be the right opportunity for you.

Overall, PaidSurveys is ideal for people who have the time and appreciates the simplicity in how this particular system actually works. If you’re going to approach this opportunity, then it is best to do so as a consume

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