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Invest in Management Leadership Training

Management Leadership Training: There is an old business saying that goes something like this: “You manage things and you lead people.”  When you think about it this statement really makes sense and it’s sound business.  The statement is telling us that people are not to be managed, but led.  In order for management to lead effectively they have to have management leadership training.

Here are some points to tell you about Management Leadership Training: 

This is how management usually evolves in a company.   A person has some type of expertise.  The expertise could be to make something or provide some type of service.  The person then takes that expertise and starts a business.  They hire a few people to work and the business starts to grow.  As the business grows they need to hire more people because the owner cannot manage everything that is going on.   So the owner takes Ralph, one of the best workers, and makes him a manager.  Ralph has never been a manager before so Ralph has no idea what to do.  He makes it up as he goes.

As the business gets larger more people are promoted to managers.   And on and on it goes.  What happens is the organization reaches a level that it can’t break through because the ability of the management to lead is limited.

Without management leadership training new managers will often imitate people who have been their managers.  Let’s face it, that’s not the formula for success.  Managers need proper training to execute both the managerial and leadership functions.

The leadership abilities usually need the more development than the managerial functions.  The reason that is the case is because most businesses have processes in place already.  Those processes at least work well enough to produce some type of satisfactory result.   It is the ability to get results through people that often are gravely lacking.

When managers lack the ability to get results thorough people, they usually end up doing the work themselves.  After all, the reason they got the job as manager was because they were a great worker.   When this happens a cycle is started of subsidizing the work of someone else.  You can easily see the domino effect this can have on the organization.  The manager starts to subsidize for the worker.  Now someone has to subsidize for the manager because they are doing the worker’s work.  Then someone is doing the work of the someone who is subsidizing the manager.  Pretty soon everyone is just subsidizing and being subsidized.

The way to break the cycle is to have managers lead and achieve organizational results in the right way.  Therefore managers need to learn the skills of motivation, communication, goal setting, delegation , problem solving, and decision making.  When managers have these skills they can lead with confidence.

The only way for managers to develop these skills is through management leadership training.   There are a number of things to look for in getting training for leadership.  First and foremost you want to evaluate the actual process they use for the participants to learn the material.  Material that is presented all in one sitting is not the best way to learn leadership skills.  Material that is presented over a period of time has proven to be more effective.

At the end of the day, you want to invest in your leaders so that the organization can achieve results beyond what currently is being produced.   Don’t leave the effectiveness of your leaders to chance.

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