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Care Tips for Beautiful Hair

Natural and beautiful hair signifies personality of your image. Attractive hair makes the eyes candy, but if dandruff stuff get visible you will being eyed for some different reason.                                   Below are some natural hair tips for care, this will help to maintain healthy hair:                                                                                                                                                Nutritious Diet with healthy lifestyle is must :                                                                                    

Intake of lots of water make sure to include protein in your diet. Meat and Lentils are good source of proteins. Vitamin A is having  vital nutrients for promoting hair growth. Cod Liver Oil, Carrot and Vegetables should be included in diet for good hair.

Stay far away from hair products and styling treatments :

Usage of harsh and strong chemicals will only damage your hair growth in long run. So it is better to advise to nourish hair with natural products and to avoid chemical based treatments.

To add shine in hair using aloe vera or curd to condition hair : Here are some most effective and natural cures:

Usage of aloe vera gel as treatment for hair naturally :

Aloe vera gel helps to give new life to hair. Just apply small amount of  aloe vera gel    instead of  using hair conditioner. Method is very simple, after washing hair apply  aloe  vera gel  and let it remain on your hair for a minute or two and then, rinse it well. Do this process whenever you wash your hair and you will see  natural treatment.

Ladies who want to add up volume to their hair and can try to apply aloe vera gel as hair mask and to leave it for near about 30 minutes, and then rinse.They will notice beneficial results in more shine and more volume of their hair.

Usage of Curd to get beautiful hair :

 Mix well 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of curd and apply this mixture on your hair into the depth of roots, instead of hair conditioner after shampooing, rinse it well thoroughly using lukewarm water. This process will add a lot of softness, silky and shiny touch to your hair.

Use shampoo and conditioner that only suits your hair type : 

Donot comb wet hair :

Combing wet hair will lead to break down hair. Try to avoid hair dryer usage.Best way to dry hair is to let them dry naturally, especially during summer time.

A regular and relaxed sleep :

Your hair shows anxiety through which you are going, so it is must to stay happy and always take a relaxed and regular sleep.

Always keep scalp clean and oil free :

Hair wash should be free from dust and oil. It is not good to wash hair on daily basis as reason because you can apply thin piece of material from natural oils. Hair wash should be 3 times in a week, this depends on your needs. Dry shampoo try should be during lazy days.

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