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Best tips to get thick eyelashes

Thick eyelashes are best to catch attention to the face, it will make eyes to look more beautiful. Women of all age groups become very much self conscious when their eyelashes fall out. There are many artificial ways to improve eyelashes using a mascara, eyelashes extension or false eyelashes, but these things make your eyelashes weaker, so here are some home remedies which make eyelashes look longer:

1. Castor oil

Castor Oil is one of the best home remedy that helps to  make your eyelashes grow more and thicker. Castor oil is an organic substance. To avoid lashes to get thicker, apply Castor Oil with help of a brush when you go to bed and leave for overnight.To soften your lips, castor oil is also a very good substance. Castor oil is also good to keep lips moisture.

2. Vitamin E

There is also an another trick which help to make eyelashes to grow longer. Vitamin E is very good substance. Vitamin E is good to treat and blemish your skin and help to nourish skin. Vitamin E will help to get eyelashes thicker.

3. Natural oils

Natural oils also help to make eyelashes grow longer. You can moisturize lashes using any of the natural oil: burdock root oil, rosehip oil, linen oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil. Simply soak oil blend on cotton wool and wipe on your lashes before going to bed. Then wash it off in morning. Applying natural oil will help to nourish, improve growth, moisturize and will keep lashes healthy and strong.

4. Green Tea

As well as we can also use green tea to grow your eyelashes. Prepare green tea, let it cool down, and swipe it over your eyelashes using cotton wool. The flavonoids and caffeine present in green tea help to maintain growth of the existing eyelashes and to stimulate new growth of eyelashes.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very wonderful home remedy which can be used for various purposes. If you are looking to nourish your eyelashes and to make them grow more,  just apply some aloe vera gel straight to your eyelashes before going to your bed with help of a clean mascara wand just like in the same way you apply mascara. Just thanks to powerful nutrients and vitamins, Aloe Vera gel will help in growth of eyelashes and to make them stronger.

6. Avoid fake eyelashes

To make eyelashes grow more avoid using fake lashes. Fake lashes might be a quick solution to this problem, but for long term, this will damage your lashes further.

 7. Remove makeup at night

Long eyelashes are just free from makeup, so it is better that they must grow. Always remember to remove eye makeup during night time, it is better to remove makeup as soon as you get to home.

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