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Amazing tips to grow hand nails fast and long

Strong and long growing nails is a multi step process. As long as when you take good and best care of your nails, you can grow your nails to the length what you desire. Now you need to start up by making you to stop biting nails. After this, manicuring and intake of appropriate vitamins will help out you to grow strong and long nails.

There are many ways to help to grow nails fast and strong:


Stop Bad Habit Of Biting Nails

Biting of your nails is totally detrimental to your health. A regular habit for many can cause bacterial infection to skin in your mouth and on your hands. If you loose and dry your skin around nail beds, just make sure that you should clip them away rather than biting them.

  • Try to keep your nails polished properly and add some nail art, so that you will be less apt to biting.

  • When you are bored just start chewing gum.

  • Don’t bite skin around your nails, you may convince by only biting skin around your nails, you are not harming actually to your nails. It is false and it will cause weakness to your nails by adding moisture from your saliva and this will make your nails to prone to breaking.

Don’t wear gels and acrylics: A rushed removal of gel or acrylic nails will leave your nails unlikely to grow, brittle and dry. Even a proper removal can easily damage your nails because it will soak nail beds. You wet nail beds are most sensitive.

Don’t pick your chipped polish: Picking of polish often remove top layer of your nail beds. This will form a weak base to your nails.

Stop skipping base coats and top coats: It is very easy to skip top and base coats when you are in hurry and want to polish nails to dry fast. If you are skipping these coats it means that you are damaging your nails. This step will protect your nails from getting staining and will help to polish your nails, so it will less chips. If this is less in chips, you are less to pick it and less damage to your nails.

  • Remember to carry a pre moistened nail polish remover in your purse for a quick removal when nail start to chip up. In this way you not need to worry about picking your nails.

Intake of Proper Vitamins

Intake of plenty of Vitamin H : Vitamin H helps to strengthen and growth of your nails, skin, hair. Just aim to consume between 40 and 30 micrograms per day either intake of supplements and foods. Avocado,salmon,bananas,mushrooms,whole grain are great source of Vitamin H.

Intake of foods with folic acid : Vitamin B9 helps to prevent from damaging to your nerve cells and keep healthy red blood cells. Vitamin B9 is best vitamin for growth of nails and it is not possible to take much of vitamin because your body will naturally excrete the excess vitamins. Fortified soy products, cheese, red meat and Fish are high in folic acid.

Intake of Vitamin A : Vitamin A helps to grow fast and strengthen your nails. 700 and 900 micrograms is  recommended a day. Leafy greens, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes are very rich in Vitamin A.

Get plenty of Vitamin C : Vitamin C is known for aiding in immune for health. Vitamin C helps body to get recover faster for strengtheners and nail growth. Bell Peppers, strawberries, kale and Oranges are rich in Vitamin C.

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