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Amazing tips for hair care in summers

Natural hair rules in summer season. Now season is to let go perfect, sleek hairdos and natural look. Here are some tips to protect hair from humidity, sun and heat without turning in an endless battle.

1. Cover up!

Use a hat or scarf to cover up your head when you are out in sun. This not only help to protect from extra UV protection, but this also helps to retain moisture in your scalp. A hat reduces damage to hair which cause due to wind, especially if hair is prone to protect colour treated hair and from tangling.

2. Put your hair up in loose, comfortable styles

Messy braid is an ideal idea to keep hair under control and minimize exposure to sun. Tight hairstyles can damage hair because this tend to tear and pull hair, especially if hair is dry from summer heat.

3. Wash less often

Regular washing strips scalp of natural oils, which in turns to stimulate additional oil and makes feel need to wash hair even more. Try rinsing in shower after a day at pool or beach, see that if it gets rid of extra oil. You can use natural dry shampoo or handmade shampoo, like cornstarch, place regular shampoo to go longer without washing. Other quick fix is dab cotton balls soaked in hazel along scalp to dissolve an excess oil.

4. Reduce the heat

Just try to blow dry your hair very little. This is already an exposed to significant amount of heat on daily basis in summer, this will quickly act as a air dry, so giving a blow dryer is a break and a natural significant. Try to avoid flat irons too, as this will further damage your dry hair. Also a sleek hairstyle makes frizz to stand out more

6. Condition always

Rinse well your hair with apple vinegar diluted in water for a natural conditioner. You can use some coconut oil to smooth, defrizz and to give moisture to hair after hair wash. Oil will give shine, and if you have wavy hair, air dried curls and create natural curls. Try natural deep conditioning treatment once a week to get extra moisture in your hair.

7. No more swimmer’s hair

If you are blond who becomes green in pool, try to rinse wet hair with ¼ cup of apple vinegar with 2 cups of water to get rid of dullness. This will help to get your hair wet before using water because it will not absorb chlorine.

8. Add some sunscreen

There are some shampoos which contain UV protection, but most are chemical laden, conventional shampoos, so it is recommended to avoid these shampoos. A very quick way to add protection is to run your head very lightly through hair after applying sunscreen to body.

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